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Finebot is a blockchain scanning bot that empowers your trading by giving you the alpha on whats pumping.


The Finebot has been worked on and tuned for over a year and has consistently given excellent results.


Prepare  For Firey Gains

  • Finebot is designed to analyze and detect trading volume fluctuations within newly deployed tokens.

  • Has Achieved an average over 50 alerts of around 300+Xs which is an average of 6+X per alert.

  • Finebot is here to fill the gap in your trading by telling you early what to buy before your a missor.


Name:  Finebot
Ticker:  Fbot
Supply: 100 Million
Max: 1.5%
Tax: 5/5 

5% Marketing
75% burned 
20% Uniswap
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